Burgers and Bulldozers: New Franchise Roundup

With hundreds of new franchise methods becoming started each year, it is almost impossible to monitor the freshest ideas. Is an upgrade of two new franchises and how they have got fared in their first few months of franchising.

The Countertop - No, this isn't just another fast-food hamburger joint. Apart from servicing hamburgers, The Counter has all the in normal with your local McDonalds or Wendy's as the Planet Cup has to do with your child's weekend break soccer online game. Initially launched in Santa Monica in 2003, this fashionable upgrade to the timeless burger joints will serve its burgers with any mix of 10 kinds of cheese, 26 toppings, and 17 sauces. So, go ahead and buy that Danish Bleu Cheese Burger topped with dried out cranberries plus a ginger herb soy products glaze you always wanted.

Because in 2003, The Counter has received the type of press that many firms is only able to dream about. Soon after being outlined as the top-rated 20 hamburgers in America by GQ, the holy grail of endorsers, The Oprah Winfrey Show, referred to as it the Best Burger in us. (An aside on the effectiveness of the O-nod, income jumped from $44,000/mo to $245,000/mo after the recommendation)

With all this success, The Counter performed really the only plausible following step and began offering franchises at the beginning of 2006 with a $40,000 business cost and 6% royalty.

So, just how could it be proceeding? The corporation has inked agreements for 60 dining places in California on your own. Upcoming up is growth into Fl, New York City, State of Arizona and Nevada followed by all of those other nations. With very long array projections of just 400 to 600 devices, The Countertop is well on its method to franchising stardom.

EQUIPO - If Santa Monica along with the Counter-top just appears too trendy and stylish, this gentle equipment maintenance business from Wisconsin surely won't. EQUIPO, a subsidiary of Wacker Firm commenced offering restoration company to the lighting development equipment business in 2003. As well as how the gentle devices marketplace is increasing at nearly ten percent per year, many large devices retailers have been decreasing services assistance. Responding to these trends, EQUIPO started to build out its community of services facilities.

EQUIPO concentrates on supplying services to the following companies: ICS, MI-T-M, MK Precious stone, Sullair, and Wacker. The franchises will also be full-assistance retailers for Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Robin/Subaru, Wacker and Kohler engines.

For every business, the company hires a Metro Support Expert (MSS). The MSS is definitely a worker of EQUIPRO, Inc. employed on the part of the franchisee to produce assistance income and work as a liaison for EQUIPRO's OEM companions inside the nearby industry. The duties in the MSS consist of effectively contacting professional places of work and job sites, gear and lease sellers, and also federal balances to market remedies for devices maintenance and elements. Furthermore, EQUIPO gives expert training on business operations and practical information in the class as well as cafelavista .

Franchising since June 2005, new franchisees can expect to pay between $145,000 and $350,000. EQUIPO has opened up 12 service locations and ideas on launching 33 models at the end of 2006 and 150 within the next seven yrs.
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